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Sacha Quarles, celebrity stylist and Pravana artist, has created many red carpet looks, but has some comments about some of the most talked about finishes from the Grammy’s. “Adele, Carrie Underwood and Rihanna had such great style,” he told me earlier today. Although a release went out offering some “do it yourself” tips, Sacha shared with me his professional comments.

“Adele’s look has a retro/period feel. It’s reminiscent of the late 60s styles without the over-the-top volume,” says Sacha. “And I should point out that she is one of the few artists that can actually make me cry!”

Set the hair using hot rollers or a curling iron.
Apply a heat protectant, such as PRAVANA Keratin Fusion Thermal Insulator, to hair prior to curling; this is essential for protecting the health of hair.
Let the set cool.
Take the set down, part and brush hair.
Once the shape is in place, tease the base for a retro look. Brush the top stands over the base.

“One word, Amazing,” says Sacha. “The hair, make-up, and dress were perfect! This girl shines. I can’t recall an awards show where she hasn’t brought it! I love it when a hairstylist can create a look so beautiful that also can last all night. This is always important to me.” Sacha recommends taking the added step of using extensions, either clip in, adhesive or bonded, to create volume. “I think every salon should offer extensions,” he says. “Salons that don’t use these are losing out, not just for themselves, but for their clients. It is a great way for your clients to get volume. It’s a great way to make the hair your clients have look gorgeous.”

Start with a great blowout focusing on lots of volume at the roots—try PRAVANA Elevate Botanical Root Boost for added lift.
Use a few hot rollers on top to provide lift and direction; be sure to let the set cool before styling.
After removing the rollers, rake fingers through hair to break up the set.
Lightly twist the sides back into a semi fishtail or messy braid.

“This hair style, which is obviously a great wig, isn’t my first choice for look of the evening at the Grammys. It was a little undone for my taste, but saying that she still looked amazing even though I would have loved a bit more glamorous. I loved the ‘roots’ for added reality. This lady still rocks that hair. The dress was so perfect, probably one of my favorites of the night! A brilliant Armani/Rihanna creation! She broke it down as wanting to create a simple, sexy, and gangster look. This she has pulled off in a beautiful way! The makeup was flawless and the dress really sexy!”

Begin by using a curl enhancer, such as PRAVANA Curves Curl Enhancer Gel, on wet hair.
Dry hair using a blow dryer or diffuser.
Spray a heat protectant on dry hair.
Taking small sections and wrap around a ¾” iron.
Rake fingers through the style.
Spray with PRAVANA Beach Wave Control Mist for added texture.

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